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Phil Taylor Power 9 Five G6 Swiss Point

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The Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 6 from Target Darts.

Each barrel features hand sandblasting at the rear section of the barrel only, using extremely fine particles to create a distinct matte texture.

  • The barrel itself is a move away from Phil's previous generations with a different shape and comes in a natural finish giving it a sleek and modern design.
  • The Generation 6 dart also comes with a new titanium shaft with enhanced grooves at the base of the shaft for added grip.
  • The new range features Swiss Point technology? What is Swiss Point? Swiss
  • Point is a patented interchangeable point system which allows you to switch your point length, style and colour in seconds with the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool being all you need to remove and install your points.
  • The patented locking system uses taper and thread technology, ensuring your points will not come loose during play.
  • Swiss Points feature a strategically engineered groove which ensures broken points can still be removed with the Swiss Point tool. Swiss Points are only compatible with Target Darts SP barrels.
  • Barrel Dimensions 22g - Length - 44.0mm x Width - 7.6mm
  • Barrel Dimensions 24g - Length - 44.5mm x Width - 7.65mm
  • Barrel Dimensions 26g - Length - 44.5mm x Width - 8.0mm


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