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Bespoke tri foldable oche colour black

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Here at bvd darts I personally make bespoke foldable by hand at the customers requests. 

I also make various versions such as carpet oches or full printed oches... 

What you see before you has never been tempted before until now, which is a trifoldable oche (meaning it folds twice) but still the same throw distance, based on your house having a standard sized skirting board of 20mm thickness.

Due to shear experience wiith trail and error ppl don't accommodate for both factors of having a skirting board or without, that all dartboards are 40mm thick but still think that the average throw line is 237cm... I kid you not I thought the same until I went to a venue to throw darts and found out at home I was throwing closer than at the venue because I was silly enough not to measure from bull to floor, then floor to wall to get oche measurements...

If u decide to purchase an oche from me please feel free to buy here and we can communicate back and forth so I can supply u what u need with no additional costs added..

Join me in Facebook Bvd darts or Instagram/twitter @bvddarts

This oche is made in the colour black carpet, black frame, carry handles, lockable clasps, full multichanging led lighting system with pvc trim to finish it off.

These can be changed or items removed such as lights etc to reduce the price... 

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