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BVD Darts Dual Light Surround

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Bvd Darts Dual Light Surround with the option to supply you it Plain, Half Printed or Full Printed Personalisation

The modern LED PU Surround with its 180 LEDs optimally illuminates your dartboard.

The lamps are cool white and mounted in such a way that the launcher is not dazzled. The professional PU Surround has a thickness of approx. 3.5 cm.

Due to this strength, the player can decide for himself how far the surround is pressed onto the dartboard. The deeper the surround on the dartboard, the darker the playing surface of the board becomes.

Each darts player can thus individually determine the optimal lighting of his board. On the surround is a USB cable, this can be connected to a power supply 2.4 A or a power bank, both not included in the scope of delivery.

The PU material protects the wall from damage and minimizes the number of darts falling, which also protects the darts and the floor.

The new improved fit with an inner diameter of about 45 cm, fits perfectly on every Bristle Dartboard known to us.-> One size fits all.

The collection ring can be easily and individually mounted on the dartboard. The width of the protective ring is about 12 cm, this provides enough protection for the wall, even for inexperienced darts players. The total diameter of the Lightning Surround is 68 cm.

Available in Black, Red, Green & Blue

With the option to have it personalised to discuss it further please contact me on my SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS @BVDDARTS

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